Award Winners 2013

2013 Award Winners 

Kari Brizendine -- Employee of the Year

Kari Brizendine is RMI’s 2013 Employee of the Year! In her role as Clinical Resource Specialist, Kari has been instrumental in enhancing our orientation program, revising our specialty clinical programs, and providing our Department Heads with Dementia Certification training. Recently, Kari conducted a CDP course as a value added service for one of RMI’s current clients. The knowledge and skills that she brings to our customers, clinicians, and senior management is critical to RMI’s long-term success as we advance our clinical strategies, continue our positioning for future business prospects and maintain our status as the provider of choice. Please join us in congratulating Kari on the accomplishments and value she has brought to RMI!

Cheryl Allen-Davis - Home Office Employee of the Year

Cheryl’s well known reputation as a team member always willing to help is just part of the reason she has been named RMI’s 2013 Home Office Employee of the Year.  In her role as Billing Coordinator, Cheryl makes sure the verification's are done in a timely manner. She deeply cares for the needs of our patients and goes above and beyond to explain benefits to POAs no matter how long it takes.  Cheryl is always willing to help complete the billing runs and often works extended hours to ensure all billing information is received.

Lynn Care Center -- Success Story of the Year

The Lynn Care Staff has been awarded RMI’s 2013 Success Story of the Year in recognition of their excellent patient care. In their “Success Story of the Year” submission the team showed cohesion and compassion in the treatment of an elderly woman in their care.  The woman, on her way to the airport for a return flight to Germany, sustained multiple injuries in a car accident. Following her hospital stay, she was transferred to Lynn Care for rehabilitation.  Her substantial injuries resulted in her status of non-weight-bearing in three limbs.  Over the course of her treatment, the team was able to utilize the ACP equipment and protocols to assist with pain control, healing and edema.  They were able to slowly progress with training on transfers, ADL modifications and eventually gait training.  Once she was able to bear weight, she quickly progressed to her prior level of independence, able to complete ADLs independently and walk with a walker.   During her recovery, the RMI staff attended to both her physical impairments and the patient as a whole, trying to learn some German from her, or create knock-knock jokes that she was so fond of.  Ron Mills, OT said, “She taught us much about daily effort in the face of overwhelming recovery and how persistence in taking a single step eventually accomplishes the whole journey.”  When she left Lynn Care to return to her native Germany, she said she had been touched by the Lynn Care staff’s dedication and hard work to promote her independence.  In turn, our staff was left with a greater appreciation of the work we do for the elderly population.  It was a true success of the patient as well as the team at Lynn Care and the exemplary care they provide.

Margie Godfrey - Manager of the Year

Margie Godfrey has been awarded RMI’s 2013 Manager of the Year. A long standing RMI employee, Margie started as a staff therapist with the company and was quickly promoted to a management position in the Greenfield Assisted Living communities.  Margie is not only an outstanding Department Head of three facilities in the Shenandoah Valley, she is also a dynamic clinician and patient advocate.  Margie consistently meets and exceeds her budgeted financial expectations in each building.  She manages staff and PRN across three facilities with very little oversight.  Margie also has built an excellent relationship with her employees, most who have also been with the company 5+ years. She fosters an environment of teamwork and patient centered treatment and makes therapy fun with her teams and patients.  They provide monthly health talks, in-services and other opportunities to the residents and staff.  She recently completed an in-service to the community about the benefits of ACP for residents.  She also regularly provides staff education on body mechanics and transfer training.  For her residents, Margie integrates activities to provide fun events for the residents month after month and always has activities that are creative treatment approaches including writing Christmas cards with residents, helping to organize a T-Ball baseball game between two of the communities, and always promotes PT, OT month as well as nursing celebrations through creative activities.  She is very in-tune with the customer service relationship and the Greenfield management appreciates her consistency through the years.  She cares deeply about her residents, her team and the success of RMI in the facilities.  Margie has a passion for OT and the patients she treats and an extreme dedication to the success of RMI.  Congratulations to Margie Godfrey! RMI’s 2013 Manager of the Year!!

Jessie Robertson - Rookie of the Year

Jessie Robertson has been awarded RMI’s 2013 Rookie of the Year!  One of RMI’s many returning employees.  Jessie’s a long history with the company initially began as a tech and then LPTA in the Richmond area.  After several years, Jessie returned to RMI at the Colonnades in Charlottesville as a staff LPTA.  Shortly after her return, a position in management opened and she was promoted to the Department Head in this facility.  Jessie has taken on the challenge of managing a very seasoned team that had seen many changes in staff and management over the previous years.  She was tasked with bringing success to the Colonnades department through financial management and building a cohesive team.  Jessie has brought her leadership skills to promote teamwork and a collaborative fun approach to rehab.  She has increased usage of modalities and has worked with the team to increase the Part B caseload in the ALF and IL settings.  Recently, Jessie was instrumental in the launch of a new outpatient program to incorporate residents who returned to the community to continue their recovery at the Colonnades.  Jessie has stabilized the financial success of the Colonnades and brought unity to a very strong team of therapists. 

Jersey Roy Reyes – New Graduate of the Year

Jersey Roy Reyes has been awarded RMI’s 2013 New Graduate of the Years! Jersey is a true RMI asset earning universal praise from the administrator, the staff and almost every resident in at the Gardens. Jersey provides excellent care and he goes the ‘extra step’ to make sure his residents embrace the “whatever it takes” attitude. In addition to always showing his customers, patients and family members respect and dignity, Jersey’s extra effort and dedication as a new graduate towards his work that makes him an integral part of RMI’s success at the Gardens. Jersey has developed an incredible rapport with the facility administrator and residents where many of them see him as an extension of their family, knowing that he has their best interest in mind. Jersey is the "Rescue man"; when we have residents who cancel or are not motivated for therapy, he steps in and, before the resident knows what has happened, they have agreed to participate in some fun exercises with smiles on their face. Jersey has a very positive, passionate, and energetic attitude that is so contagious you cannot help but smile. Jersey sets a good example for everyone to continue to improve skills and to put others’ needs above our own.

Kristy Perkins – Clinician of the Year

Kristy Perkins has been awarded RMI’s 2013 Clinician of the Year! Kristy is a COTA/L therapist at Bedford County Nursing Home. She has been with RMI for over 8 years and initially started with RMI as a PRN therapist before joining the team in 2011 as a part time COTA.  Kristy has been vital in establishing a wheelchair program at her facility. She provides extensive training to staff and residents on proper wheelchair positioning to decrease skin breakdown and increase patient mobility. She has been able to work directly with getting tilt in space wheelchairs, as well as power assist wheels for wheelchairs.  Kristy is working towards becoming ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) Certified in order to further her knowledge and skills to assist patients with technology and devices to increase levels of independence. 

Runk and Pratt Lynchburg and Forest -
Team of the Year

The therapy team at Runk and Pratt – Lynchburg and Forest has been awarded RMI’s 2013 Team of the Year!  Over the last several years the team at Runk and Pratt, one of RMI’s many long-standing contracts, has consistently met projected revenue, CTBL and productivity numbers. The team provides health talks every month and has held two health fairs in the last few years.  They work as a cohesive team and considered part of the family at Runk and Pratt. Several years ago, due to the long standing relationship at these two facilities, a third contract was added at Smith Mountain Lake and now, a fourth building will be added to the chain in May 2014. The Runk and Pratt team represents RMI’s mission and goals in all aspects of care with heavy utilization of the core programs including falls, Dementia and Urinary Incontinence. The team has also established wellness/restorative programs for residents who wish to continue services on a fee for service basis.  Runk and Pratt’s current administrators continually praise the team and often use stories of the therapy team’s successes to gain new admissions to the facility.

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