Program Development

Program Development

Part A Program Development

RMI staff can treat Medicare A patients with a variety of diagnoses including: joint replacements, neurological deficits, debilitated patients, patients with gait difficulties, and many more.  In conjunction with our PPS case manager and our Director of Professional Services, your RMI team will maximize facility reimbursement while placing patients in appropriate RUG categories.  We attend (and often lead) the weekly Medicare meeting ensuring that everyone on the interdisciplinary team agrees with the patient’s course of treatment.

Many of your Medicare  A patients are admitted specifically to receive therapy services.  We understand that returning these patients to their full prior level of functioning is paramount to good outcomes, not only clinically, but also good outcomes for public relations within the community.  Often times, we utilize many of our Part B programs/protocols alongside traditional therapy services for your Medicare A residents which yields better overall outcomes and much happier patients.  Combining both the traditional Medicare A therapy services with our Part B programs/protocols can yield longer lengths of stay as well which can maximize reimbursement to the facility.

Part B Program Development

Rehab Management, Inc. strives to provide programs and adaptive services that will enhance the quality of life for your residents.   As a result of our 30 Part B Programs, your residents will benefit from our wealth of available practices and experience.

Benchmark Staffing

The Foundation to Program Development

Our benchmark staffing philosophy is unique. Instead of setting one staffing level benchmark for the facility rehab program, RMI sets two:  one for the Part A caseload and one for the Part B caseload.  This allows all of the residents to have their needs addressed at the time that they need it, not just when the Part A caseload decreases.

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