Patient and Customer Reviews

Customer and Patient Reviews

Naomi Kennedy: I had a positive experience. Jennifer and Lauralee definitely get a 5. You helped me to walk and get dressed. 5 Stars.*****

Audry Pitcher: Lauralee and Jennifer at Oak Springs of Warrenton, the first word that comes to my mind is fantastic. I feel like I started kind of slow, and between the two of you, you got me right up and going. I really can do almost anything I need to do. 5 Stars.*****

Karl Donaghy: Working with occupational therapy and physical therapy was certainly a good experience and I wouldn't hesitate in the future to seek out the services of occupational and physical therapy should the need arise. Our meetings were concise without any wasting of time or exercise. I certainly did not know the limits of professionally employed application (meaning I came to your program to help with my needs, in my case I had difficulty walking and difficulty dressing). 5 Stars.*****

Betty Lou Mallow: My therapists couldn't have done any better but I do think they need another nu step in their department because there was always a line for it . I chose to come to Evergreen because I wanted to work with Tina and Megan again. (PT using DH email as she does not have an email address or computer). 5 Stars.*****

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Hugh Naughton: It was an extremely difficult recovery for me, but considering I was 75 years young and with a double knee replacement I expected as much. When I started rehab I was a tough customer, retired Army, I was not putting up with anything. My therapist was great, knew how to push without being to pushy. Although I'll never have a knee replacement again I would absolutely be a repeat customer! 5 Stars.*****

Oneida Cioffi: I had a wonderful experience with my p t and ot team. Both Amanda and Hanna were delightful to work with as well as always challenging to make me improve and do my best. I will always remember them with great gratitude and love. 5 Stars.*****

Dr. Larry Tolley: I particularly liked the facility but most of all the people who support the facility. All were very professional and attended to my needs. I would recommend any other physical therapists needing this service to look into Rehab Management, Inc. for therapy.
5 Stars.*****
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