HR Director Midlothian

Human Resources Director Midlothian VA Full Time

HR Director to join our multi-site physical rehabilitation company, based in Midlothian, VA with +300 employees in over 50 sites throughout Virginia and Maryland.


  1. Bachelors degree in Human Resources related field or equivalent knowledge and experience.
  2. PHR Certification.
  3. 5+ years exempt Human Resources Generalist/Manager experience.
  4. Proven knowledge of legal and regulatory HR compliance, administration of compensation, benefits, and HR-related policies and procedures.
  5. Proven experience to lead difficult conversation (terminations, probation, salary reductions, etc) as well as employee growth and counseling conversations.
  6. Ability for independent judgment, high level of confidentiality and ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment in remote locations.
  7. Ability to travel, including overnight travel as needed.


  1. SPHR Certification
  2. Experience in Health Care Industry
  3. Experience with ADP with HRB (all benefits and on-boarding are online)
  4. 5+ years experience in multi-site HR administration

  1. Comprehensive resume (mandatory)
  2. Salary expectations (mandatory)
  3. Cover letter (strongly suggested), including:-Specific instances where your experience and our mandatory and preferred qualifications align.
  4. Specific examples of how you have succeeded as an HR Manager in your previous employment.
  5. Specific examples of your top career successes.


For over 30 years, Rehab Management, Inc (RMI) ( has been a recognized leader in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic area for providing multi-disciplinary rehabilitation to assisted living, skilled nursing and outpatient centers.

In the past three decades, RMI has been honored to serve over 1,000,000 patients, as well as established and advanced the careers of over 2000 therapists.

RMI continues to rank as a provider of choice, and an employer of choice by maintaining our focus on what really matters -- making lives better, for our team members, our clients and our patients.

We are currently seeking a Human Resources Director to join our home office team in Midlothian, VA. The RMI HR Manager, who reports to the Chief Operating Officer:

  • Assures compliance with all company sponsored benefits.
  • Assures compliance with all company policies, procedures and compliance.
  • Acts as custodian to assure compliance with employee personnel files and records.
  • Manages the day to day operations of the HR department.


  1. Assures compliance with corporate HR-related policies and procedures to include Federal and State regulations (i.e., OSHA & ADA) Maintains Policy and Procedures Manual as required, and maintains job descriptions and evaluations.
  2. Staffing to include, recruiting, interviewing, conducting reference checks and hiring for non-clinical staff.
  3. Drafts, tracks and finalizes employment agreements and addendum's.
  4. Creates personnel action requests and performs data entry for all payroll and HR maintenance, to include new hires, terminations, benefit deductions, pay changes, title changes, department changes (including retro calculations, etime, direct deposit and taxing).
  5. Assists with processing and maintaining immigration applications and files (H1-B, TN, Green Card).
  6. Administers new hire reporting for each state.
  7. Participates in all performance-related aspects to include evaluations, promotions, progressive disciplinary actions, firing, lay-offs, or counseling of staff as requested.
  8. Conducts all exit interviews and analyzes turnover/retention issues.
  9. Manages HR Assistant(1 FTE) and Clerical Aide (1 part time).


  1. Provides conflict resolution, team building, coaching, counseling, and professional growth.
  2. Develops and implements new ideas for retention and motivational programs.
  3. Conducts in-house training programs and new hire orientation.
  4. Organizes company functions that would be beneficial to the company and promote interaction among employees, including annual holiday party and summer picnic.
  5. Participates on the company employee morale team.


  1. Administers programs to include health, prescription, dental, life, accidental death and dismemberment, flexible spending accounts, employee assistance programs, wellness programs, 401K Plan and long-term disability benefits to include enrollments, additions, changes, withdrawals, rollovers, loans and invoice reconciliation.
  2. Administers COBRA, FMLA, EID and leave of absence compliance. Processes claims, reporting notifications, and incident reports for medical professional liability insurance, employee dishonesty coverage, worker’s compensation and EID.
  3. Conducts annual focus groups with current employees regarding benefit options.
  4. Maintains relationships with vendors and participates in analyzing yearly competitive bids for benefit contracts.
  5. Prepares for and conducts annual open enrollment meetings.
  6. Conducts monthly auditing of all insurance/benefit deduction related bills.
  7. Prepares quarterly benefit newsletters for the purpose of educating employees on health and benefit issues.


  1. Completes and analyzes wage and salary compensation surveys for compliance.
  2. Manages bonus referral program, employee of the month, and employee annual awards.
  3. Conducts regular surveys to gauge company environment (i.e., non-accept employment survey, attitude survey, managerial performance reviews, client satisfaction survey, environmental and internal scanning, replacement and succession plan).


  1. Serves as corporate compliance officer to effectuate state and national guidelines to maintain code of ethics for the organization as well as health care and Medicare compliance.
  2. Assures compliance with all OSHA related standards, completes first report of injury and posts quarterly reports. Participates in all workers’ compensation audits.
  3. Promotes safety programs through training, site inspections, and recognition programs.
  4. Prepares related reports for insurance carriers.


  1. Prepares and distributes new hire/term employee reporting.
  2. Prepares full time equivalency (FTE) projected report monthly.
  3. Prepares turnover report monthly.
  4. Updates late evaluations, licenses and PPD reports and distributes to managers monthly.
  5. Prepares EEO reports.
  6. Prepares OSHA reports.
  7. Completes special projects as assigned by the Chief Operating Officer.
  8. Maintains HR portion of the RMI intranet site.
Required experience:
Human Resources: 5 years
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