New Graduate Mentorship

New Graduate Mentorship Programs

The main object of RMI’s Clinical Mentorship Program is to recruit and retain highly capable, motivated therapists for our team. It’s part of what makes us “The Extraordinary Rehab Company.”

RMI recruits new therapists from the beginning of their careers with the goal that they continue with us as they develop and expand their skills. We’re known for helping therapists get off to a good start and remain excited about what they do.

Each new therapist is automatically enrolled in our Clinical Mentorship Program during his or her first year. The employee is assigned a clinical mentor with the Regional Clinical Manger serving as an additional facilitator/mentor. RMI strives to foster excitement for the profession, create experiences and promote attitudes that allow new therapists to “hit the ground running.”

The Clinical Mentorship, developed collaboratively by our staff, is comprised of 6 educational modules, each of which cumulatively builds on the module before it. If a therapist completes all 6 modules in less than 12 months, additional education modules, based on his or her interest, will be made available.

  • Module 1: New Hire Orientation Program
  • Module 2: Shadowing Training Session I
  • Module 3: Documentation Support
  • Module 4: Professional Goal Development
  • Module 5: Shadowing Training Session II
  • Module 6: Case Study and Clinical Outcome Study
If you are interested in our services for your facility:
RMI is committed to assisting the next generation of therapists learn and grow as clinicians. With the skyrocketing expansion of the long term care industry, we are especially keen on introducing this setting to students as they begin their careers.
Student Clinical Affiliations are available in all of RMI's skilled facilities throughout Virginia and in some of our assisted living and outpatient settings as well. We foster clinical relationships with all academic providers in the Commonwealth and accept students for all affiliation levels in PT, PTA, OT, COTA and SLP programs.

To learn more about the RMI Student Clinical Affiliation programs, contact us today!
Become the therapist you deserve to be and let RMI help launch that path.

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