Recruiting Manager
Constance Whitney

Constance originally joined RMI in 2003 after her return to the USA a 20 year stint overseas. Her international experiences, including recruiting in the Middle East, Africa, Far East and Subcontinent coupled with her obvious passion for finding the right person for the right job make Constance an invaluable member of the RMI recruiting team. In 2008, Constance left RMI to work in the global defense industry and international intelligence communities.

Like so many other RMI employees, Constance is a returnee to our team. “I’ve worked with large international conglomerates and small start- up companies, yet nowhere have I found an organization that provides the employee-focused attitudes and growth and development opportunities on par with RMI. When a company does it right, like RMI, recruiting new talent to the team is a piece of cake!”

Candace Warren

Candace Warren joined RMI in 2007 as a Human Resources Associate. Her tenacious approach and attention to detail separates her from most. Candace demonstrates a proven ability to think outside the box in being a viable resource for everyone she encounters.

Candace was promoted to a recruiter position in 2011 where she has further demonstrated her ability to be a team player, achiever and support to the entire department. Since her accepting the Recruiter position, Candace, has assisted three Regional Mangers and multiple clinicians with their quest to identify and hire the top talent needed to achieve both clinical and financial goals. Using many avenues, multiple databases, her intuitive knowledge about people, skillful interviewing techniques, and business acumen she delivers nothing but excellence in hiring exceptional people. Candace’s passion for results makes her a valuable asset to Rehab Management, Inc.

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