Speech-Language Therapy

Speech Language Pathology

At Rehab Management, Inc., our Speech Language Pathologists work with our patients, evaluating and treating communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders. Our industry leaders will design a treatment plan specific to the particular needs of each patient to help reduce the effects of disease or injury and to help prevent further disability by helping to maximize our patients’ level of independence. 
Some of the programs our highly skilled Speech Language Pathologists may provide include:
  • Cognition & Communication:  RMI Speech Language Pathologists will work with   patients to improve their skills and abilities with attention, perception, concentration, orientation, memory, problem-solving reasoning, information processing and orientation. 
  • Swallowing:  We help our patients return to normal-life eating, drinking and talking by using the most advanced techniques and treatment. 
  • Voice:  RMI Speech Language Pathologists will develop a treatment that will assist vocal quality, pitch and loudness following injuries such as stroke, brain injury or neurological changes. 
  • Speech:  Our therapists will assess our patients’ articulation, voice, fluency, rhythm and rate to develop a treatment, following a stroke or brain injury or damage to parts of the nervous system related to speaking. 
  • Language:  A plan will be developed to work with language disorders resulting from damage from stroke, brain injury, brain tumor or other neurological changes to the language centers of the brain. 

To learn more on how to have these dynamic professionals become part of your facility, or to find out how you can become part of our extraordinarySpeech Language  Pathology team, please contact contact RMI now. We would love to hear from you!

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