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Testimonials are easy to do for services and companies that you believe in, and RMI is one of the best! Everyone at RMI is gracious and attentive to the needs of their patients and facilities.

Having Kari Brizendine come to Oak Springs of Warrenton is now an annual tradition at our facility! Kari comes to talk with our residents, families, staff and community about quality Dementia care and how to use patient history to predict future care needs. Kari’s presentation is always informative and those that attend are inspired by her knowledge, experience and attentiveness to individual needs. We are actually working on having Kari come back for the second time this year to tailor a presentation to our residents to help them understand dementia better and to help them understand what their friends at our facility are going through.

The therapy staff at OSW contracted by RMI is top notch and they all deliver superior resident care services. We have utilized various therapists from full time to part time to PRN to travelers and all are an asset to our facility and our residents.

We love the little things such as a thickened liquid ‘cocktail’ hour so the staff can understand what it is like to be on a thicker consistency liquid in order to empathize with residents that need this. It was fun, educational and delicious! Our residents, families and staff enjoy the information on the RMI therapy board that highlight different topics in regards to occupational, physical or speech language pathology.

The therapy staff from RMI, are well trained, kind and have our residents needs in mind at all times. We consider RMI staff to be an integral part of our family and we rely on them every day to help us care for our residents.

RMI is dedicated to helping OSW with any and all marketing needs from brochures and give always to gift cards for silent auctions and marketing gifts to clients. Anytime I need anything, I can send one email or make one phone call and my needs are consistently met time after time! All the staff at RMI is a joy to work with!

No matter who you talk with at RMI, you will be speaking with an informed individual who is interested in helping with your situation from beginning to end.

Amanda Rosier-Baker
Director of Marketing
Oak Springs of Warrenton

I started with RMI in February 2006. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I had received several post cards, and one day I saw an advertisement in the local paper for a manager at a new skilled nursing facility in Chase City. I was working as a staff physical therapist at my first position out of college and enjoyed where I was but was intrigued about the opportunity to manage. The team at RMI said they would train me, and that’s exactly what they did. 

Samantha Shadwell, now RMI Senior Regional Manager, was a start-up specialist at the time and was my mentor. She stayed with me for what felt like months and helped me gain an understanding of skilled Part A management.
In my first year with RMI, I was awarded the Department Head of the Year. The next year, my husband was transferred with his job, and RMI allowed me to transfer to a new location in Bedford, VA. Later, in 2009, I again was afforded the opportunity to transfer just a bit closer to home and took on the management of Runk and Pratt facilities in Lynchburg and Forest, VA. As I continued to grow, both as a clinician and a manager, I became an ingrained part of the RMI family.

       In August 2013, I was promoted to area clinical manager, a new level of management that had been recently introduced          by RMI with a focus on growing internal leaders. Less than one year later, I was blessed with my latest promotion to                Regional Clinical Manager and accepted responsibility for one of RMI’s largest contracted facilities.

       Many companies do not give staff the opportunity to grow in their career like RMI. I have been with RMI for over 8 years        now and know that making the change to join this extraordinary company was one of the best decisions I will ever                  make. Thank you, RMI, for all you have done for me!

       Candice Gilbert, MPT, WCC
       Regional Clinical Manager

      I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful trip to Paris, France! It was our first time in Europe, and my wife and I         loved every minute. We really enjoyed being immersed in a country so rich in history and cultural heritage.
      We had always wanted to travel to Europe but had never made serious plans. Thanks to RMI, we were able to finally               make it happen when I was awarded RMI Employee of the Year! The accommodations were excellent, and the staff were       all friendly and extremely helpful.
      Joseph Creech
      IT Programmer / Network Systems Manager


My wife and I relocated to The Woodlands’ Independent Living Residence in March 2013. She has Alzheimer’s and AFIB and I have had Sciatica issues for over four years. We fortunately learned of a Senior Day Care program available at the Gardens Assisted Living Facility and your resident Physical Therapy capabilities. The therapy we have received has been extremely effective and professional in all respects.

Under the leadership of Dr. Brenda Carrier and her deep therapeutic knowledge and skills, the facility’s reputation of a ‘fun therapeutic experience’ is amazing with only the small staff of Physical Therapist Jersey-Ray Reye and Occupational Therapist Kimberly Johnson.

Our experience has been remarkable. Jersey and Kim teamed to enable my wife to progress through PT and OT stages in only four months. Due to their skills, she no longer needs their help and qualified for treatment through Medicare.
After years of multiple sessions of unsuccessful therapy, I doubted if there was any relief available. Brenda and Jersey have proved me wrong. Through their determination and skills, I have progressed to a point that convinces me that Sciatica relief is achievable.

Your Garden’s team knows their crafts and practices them in extraordinary ways daily to the benefit of their patients.
We understand that Brenda will transfer to the Manassas office -- she will be truly missed by all her patients and friends.

Jack and Bertine Barnes

I have been with RMI for just over 5 years, and I just wanted to say what a wonderful company RMI is; they truly understand the value of work/life balance and how important the opportunity for advancement is. I am happy to work with such great people and know that we are out there helping to improve lives. I am proud to say I work for RMI and proud to talk to candidates about the extraordinary opportunities with the company. RMI Rocks!
Candace Warren
Recruiting Manager

More Testimonials

“RMI’s resources allow me to work in a variety of settings that I enjoy. They also provide advancement opportunities to all team members, therapists and assistants alike."

“The increase in staffing allowed us to provide consistent Med B services in our long term care center, while also allowing us to increase our RUG scores in our short term rehab center.”

“RMI has provided a very accommodating and supporting management team to assist with the transition, program development, and problem solving for the complex issues on the Richfield campus.”

“RMI’s Medicare Compliance Support Team decreases our denials and strengthens our appeals process.

“RMI listened to what was important to me as a clinician and a working mom and helped me find the right working situation to meet both those needs.”

“The RMI team blew me away at my initial interview. They were professional, personable, and I could tell within seconds how closely they worked together to deliver great care. It’s obvious that the corporate culture supports teamwork and you can feel this throughout the field.”

“At RMI I am treated as a valued team member where my expertise is recognized and my career growth is supported by the Clinical Specialists and Managers.”

“As a therapist and mother of teenagers, RMI’s offer of benefits at 30 hours is a terrific help in achieving my work/life balance. Being able to ensure quality patient care remains a top priority for me. RMI has established PRN pools to assure we always have good coverage. This allows all of us the flexibility to be the therapists we want to be and enjoy our lives.”

“RMI runs an ethical business. Patient care decisions are based on clinical needs and what is in the patient’s best interest. As a therapist RMI has provided me business training to help me improve as a clinician. The company’s focus is efficiency supported by clinical skills.”

“RMI’s mission statement echoes the same reasons why I chose therapy as a career. As a therapist and a company, we are focused on achieving good outcomes. Over the past six years I have seen an increase in patients with Dementia.

RMI has helped me to develop the skills needed to be able to provide quality and realistic care for this population. This training has helped me to have better expectations and boundaries and develop techniques that work.”

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